• You don’t have to do any design this week. But if you want to, feel free to. All you need to do is getting familiar with designing icons for mobile applications.
  • references : 1) http://www.miui.com/thread-121018-1-1.html; 2) http://webdesignledger.com/tips/how-to-design-app-icons-for-iphone-and-ipad


  • iOS: UIToolBar demo. Best case would be you can build this app based on the UINavigationController app.
  • Android: Source code reading, Source code will be attached via mail. You should understand how Handler works.
  • HTML5:  Another HTML5 feature page.
  • Try to use SVN/git to commit your code. It is useful.
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  • Designers has finished the Web Page Design, finally.
  • Engineers finished some related programming practice
  • Tech-session about Observer Pattern. How XML, nib file works in apps.


  • finish the design of Home page. Allison’s work comes late because of redesign.
  • read some materials icon design from MIUI (a android theme design firm)


  • iOS : UINavigationController practice
  • Android: Notification System practice
Weekly Report:


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Mobile Web Application Best Practices Cards


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「This report is prepared by Harry」


1) Nancy has an appendicitis now. Her schedule might be delayed.

2) typo and grammer errors.



  • Engineers : display contacts data using webview from webservice, get the data and add the contact information to Address Book / Contact App.
  • Designers: design web page
  • Tech-Session: 1) how&why we need null-check. 2) dependency inversion principle.
  • Ennar: She designed two versions of home page. One using drawing, the other not. Her design is supposed to have Flash, and she is working on it now. You can download her basic design here.
  • Allison & Nancy are working on their own designs.
  • Galen : he finished an iOS app to display contact information using UIWebView.  The data was from HTML source on WebService. He got the data and added the contact information to address book. video
  • Somnus :  he also finished an Android app to display contact information from WebView. The data was from HTML source on WebService. He got the data and added the contact information to Contact Application. video
Weekly Report 
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  • 网站设计
  • 只设计两张页面,一个主页,任意一个子页。
  • 百万级数据查询存储时,数据库的选用和模型设计(讨论研究)
  • iPhone和Android客户端,读取网络数据,用WebView来正确呈现HTML代码。数据字段和我们上次讨论的基本相似。但是希望读出来后写入联系人列表。
  • 为iPhone、Android手机客户端准备合适的HTML页面。最好含有HTML5和CSS3特性。
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F1NII-WR11-0521 「Weekly Report」

「This report is summarized by Harry」


While waiting for last assignment (business card) to be reviewed, we are working on designing UI for the web app. And also try to collaborate between designers and engineers.


Ennar & Nancy:

  1. Redesign business cards so that QR codes are readable by scanner. Download Ennar’s Work
  2. working on UI design for the web app


  1. Galen has finished a small QR code reader iOS app. Video Demo(intro)
  2. Somnus has finished an android app to get data from web service and parse xml, and a small animation app.

Weeky Report :

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  • Your design in in review process
  • Complete what’s not done yet
  • Work&Think as a team
Designers :

  • Design images, icons for web app prototype
  • Follow your study schedule. be ready for autumn internship.
  • Rework on UI design/Requirement
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