Guidelines For you [daft version]

NOTE: This is the initial idea (daft version). Any suggestions after reading are welcome.

In the lab, we are trying to help improve your capability of programming and design. By design, we mean both of “design of a program/mobile application and graphics design”. Also we think it is very important for you to be a international programmer or designer, thus we came up with these ideas.

  1. Language skill improvement.
  2. Learn & Share
  3. Feedback

1. Language skill improvement

  • Why : English is a VERY important language. It is important not just because it it is spoken by Americans and Britons, but that a whole world of USEFUL information is presented in English, lots of tech-specs, lots of thought-provoking books are written in English. English leads you to a whole new world of knowledge.
  • How: We will let you recite(speak out) some articles from Internet. These are all short articles or a small piece of information.  Before you can speak out, you need to read it several times, before you can read it out, you should be able to know all the vocabulary. Want to know the vocabulary? Hava a dictionary beside you.
  • P.S. We will post out what you will need to speak out every Monday. However, you can come up with your own articles.

2. Learn & Share

  • Why : There is no need to explain why we need to learn. So why will we share? Each of us has limited knowledge, with these limited knowledge,  some of you are good at doing something, while others are not. We believe that you are all excellent ones. We want you to expand your knowledge, we want you to learn something in depth.
  • How : you are going to share what you have learned in each week through Tech Sessions. We will give you different subjects/assignments to explore. You learn by doing these assignments or exploring these subjects, and share with others. There will be Q&A.   Hopefully there can be a tech session campus wide before next March.

3. Feedback

  • Why: Just let us know where your abilities are, where next level of your abilities can be. We will adjust assignments based on what you can do.
  • How: there will be a lot of ways to contact us, two of which are email and Google Talk.  Feedback constantly.

Important notes:

1. Harry(who is typing now) is planning to meet you every Friday. He is going to checking out your “speaking out”(including designers) and he will attend your tech sessions. YES, we are trying to have a tech session every Friday. No panic please, you have have a small step each week. And all these small steps will be part of great leap forward.

2. Now we will try to cover iPhone and Android platform, and also web development. Lot of things need to get done. Be prepared for all these new knowledge.

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