Week1 (2011-04-06-2011-04-08)

holiday  from 2010-04-04-2011-04-05

Engineer Group:

Read one of these based on your interests this week, we will talk a bit more about it from next week.

  • Objective-C programming Language
  • Spring framework
  • in-depth reading of Android Fundamentals.
  • PS: business cards collection in your free time.

Designer Group :

  • business cards collection. See the different design of business collection. you can ask a friend, ask a person you know, search on Internet… do the way you want, or you can design one yourself.
  • save the business cards on your computer disk. we may need them one day, for analysis purpose.

about business cards

Business cards are used everyday, and the designs of business cards are different for each company.  what is the good design and what is not so good design? what information should be on and what should not.   Is there a way that you can generate a business cards based on web with very good design and download onto your mobile phones? maybe?

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2 Responses to Weekly-To-Do-1

  1. Tomi says:

    Roger That

  2. ennar says:

    I will cheer and we cheer together!

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