From last week, we have assignments weekly. It is possible that we have different assignments for each week. Use your Mind & Hand to learn, do and improve.

1) Speaking out (all members, harry included) :

  • please recite the any paragraph (just one) from this article via this Link
  • understand the vocabulary. if you don’t understand, look it up in your dictionary(oneline1, oneline2)
  • The one who cannot speak this out, you will HAVE TO buy the dinner that day for all attending members 🙂

2) For engineer group

If you think any part is not clear, please email Harry. If you have difficulty with your assignments, think twice about the problem, google it, last step is to email us for help (please make sure you have thought about it and googled it before you ask).

  • Zhenggang Zhao: please read the documentation about Objective-C programming language from apple development center.  First 2 chapters,  they are : “Objects, Classes, and Messaging” and “Defining a Class“. If you already know this, please feedback and pick the 2 other chapters. Download the pdf file from Apple Developer site if you need.
  • Shuo Li: read something about AOP (which is the basic concept in Spring), if possible, understand pros and cons of AOP.  Code demo is preferred.
  • Guoqing Zhang : read again in depth about Android “Application fundamentals”, it will help you with how each part works in a whole application. You will need to write an  simple application, the description is:  Display  text “Say hello to android” at the center (horizontally and vertically) of the screen. Code demo is preferred.

Where to host your demo code ? you can do the either way

  1. save on your disk
  2. Google code (Project Hosting)
  3. Github

3) For designer group

  • email Lead Designer if you did not get it on Monday.

Happy coding, hacking & designing.

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