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It is about what you are going to do from now on and how you will report and communicate with us.


From this week, we will not give you study assignments for each week. Instead, we will tell you the direction you should follow. You should set up the study progress yourselves, and report to engineer mailing list by sending an email with Weekly Report to the engineer mailing list.  Please check the Weekly Report document in your email.

We will give you some assignments that are different from what you are learning on campus right now, so that you can learn new things with interests. The assignment will be ready by the end of this week.

What you need to do this week :

  • set up a study schedule.
  • look at and understand the Assignment document and Weekly Report document.
Note: Please prepare yourself for internship for next semester. We will evaluate your performance on your study and assignments.


For Engineers:

You can ask for book recommendation and tech-related questions by sending emails to engineer group or one specific engineer. We will do the best to help. 

ZhengGang Zhao : You will do iOS dev for now. Please work out a study schedule(plan) for learning the necessary knowledge. Getting familiar with ObjC programming language and Cocoa Framework.   It is also possible that you will do Android programming later on. No panic, you will have some time to get familiar with it too. But right now, iOS programming.

Shuo Li : You will do web dev, as this is what you are good at. Since you already know how to do web dev, we want you to study HTML5 and CSS3. HTML5 and CSS3 is coming to industry now. Also please work out a study schedule for it.

Guoqing Zhang : You will do Android dev. Please work out a study plan for it,  too.  It will not be that easy if you have not done any programming for mobile phone platform. It is okay. Be patient and learn it. Also you can ask Harry for help when necessary, he will guide you through.

3) For Designers :

Your assignment will be from designers in Korea. Please spend some time on English so that you can communicate better.


  • Work out a study schedule(of what you need to learn) yourself.
  • Study the necessary knowledge based on the schedule
  • Besides study, there will be assignment.
  • Report to mailing list weekly with Weekly Report. Tell us what you have done this week.
Tech Session -Week3
Do some general reading before we do it.
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