First of all, Sorry that we did not put the tech session of first two weeks here. During the first two sessions, we are trying to know the tech background of the members. So it is very experimental for the first two weeks. But now we want to take it seriously.

We want to dive into the basic building blocks of building software. We need to explore how to design a well-working class and also Design Pattern as well.


Tech session 3 

  • programming to an interface, not a implementation
  • more about interface, abstract class, concrete class
  • favor composition over inheritance

we are going to talk about why & how.

Words that might be useful :
  1. Infant
  2. Young
  3. MidAged
  4. Senior
  5. DeadMutePerson (optional)
  6. eat
  7. drink
  8. listen
  9. speak
  10. canUnderstand
  11. walk
  12. run
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