Weekly-Report [Business cards]

[This report is prepared by Harry]


The designer’s team designed the business cards themselves. They are some very good and interesting designs there.  The engineer team has set up a server themselves to host the domos we have.

Designer team :

  • redesigned all the business cards
  • redesigned all the logos
  • Download all the design here 
  • weekly Report doc here
P.S. : Allison just lost her grandpa. She’s in a not a happy mood. She needs some time to recover from it.
She has finished most of business cards design herself. Logo design is not done.

Engineer Team

  • set up a VPS to demo their apps and also to host all the code.
  • Galen (Zhenggang Zhao) has finished a demo to generate QR code for business cards.
1) demo video online  : generate QR code    Save&Delete via drag & drop 
  • Somus (Guoqing Zhang) has finished a small application to display all the business cards. (Custom Listview + Animation)
  • Tomi(Shuo Li) has finished a web app demo for managing the business cards.
1)  online demo  username = password = admin
2) user requirement document:

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