Weekly-Report [Business cards]

[This report is prepared by Harry]


The designer’s team designed the business cards themselves. They are some very good and interesting designs there.  The engineer team has set up a server themselves to host the domos we have.

Designer team :

  • redesigned all the business cards
  • redesigned all the logos
  • Download all the design here 
  • weekly Report doc here
P.S. : Allison just lost her grandpa. She’s in a not a happy mood. She needs some time to recover from it.
She has finished most of business cards design herself. Logo design is not done.

Engineer Team

  • set up a VPS to demo their apps and also to host all the code.
  • Galen (Zhenggang Zhao) has finished a demo to generate QR code for business cards.
1) demo video online  : generate QR code    Save&Delete via drag & drop 
  • Somus (Guoqing Zhang) has finished a small application to display all the business cards. (Custom Listview + Animation)
  • Tomi(Shuo Li) has finished a web app demo for managing the business cards.
1)  online demo  username = password = admin
2) user requirement document:

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source : http://www.rologo.com/logo-design-trends-2011.html

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study hacks

source : http://calnewport.com/blog/2011/04/28/on-becoming-a-math-whiz-my-advice-to-a-new-mit-student/

Here’s how to become a math whiz:

Keep working on your problem set after you get stuck.

Don’t just sit and stare at it: think hard; until you’re exhausted; then come back the next day and try again. This will be uncomfortable, but that discomfort is the feeling of your brain stretching to accommodate new abilities.

This advice came to mind recently when I received an e-mail from a high school senior. “Yesterday, I was accepted to MIT,” he began. “I’m ecstatic, but on the other hand, I’m a little nervous…I was hoping you could give me some tips.”

I explained that I had been studying theoretical computer science and mathematics at a high-level for the past decade, much of it spent right here at MIT. Over these years, one conclusion has become increasingly clear: the more hard focus you dedicate to a technical subject — be it computer science, chemistry, or physics — the better you get.

Junior graduate students think senior graduate students are smarter, but they’re not: they simply have more practice.

Senior graduate students think junior professors are smarter, but they’re not: they simply have more practice.

And so on.

When I arrived at Dartmouth, to name another example, I didn’t consider myself good at math. I had taken AB calculus during high school (not BC), and had scored a 4 on the AP exam (not a 5). By my sophomore year of college, however, I had made a name for myself by snagging the highest grade out of 70 students in an advanced discrete mathematics class. What happened in between? A lot of hard focus.

Eventually, this all becomes clear, but for an incoming freshman, it’s not intuitive. When you struggle with a calculus problem set while a classmate knocks it out in an hour, it’s easy to start to thinking that you’re just not a “math person.”

But this isn’t about natural aptitude, it’s about practice. That other student has more practice. You can catch-up, but you have to put in the hours, which brings me back to my original advice: keep working even after you get stuck.

That’s where you make up ground.

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Your iPhone Can Buy Your Groceries


Chinese Version: http://www.ifanr.com/39155#more-39155

English original version : http://www.technologyreview.com/communications/37457/?a=f

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Touch Gesture Guide

A good guide that has a clear definition about touch gesture.

Download here : http://cid-10bc3678accfddf4.office.live.com/self.aspx/share/TouchGestureGuide.pdf

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  1. Assignment为期两周,大家看到具体要求后,如果觉得两周内无法完成,请再小组内估计一个时间,发回给designer的邮件列表或者engineer的邮件列表,我们根据情况修改时间。
  2. 任务以小组方式发出。但是我们会在weekly report中看每个人做了什么。公司会做出评估。
  3. Weekly Report 本周起不要由个人单独发送。设计师组在周五将个人的weekly report发给Nancy,工程师组发给Somnus,Nancy和Somus再汇合后,分别发到designer邮件列表和engineer邮件列表。
  4. Assignment和Weekly Report文档格式做了小的修改,会在邮件里发给大家。
For Designers: 
  1. 至少30张设计,平均每人>10张
  2. 每张上必须有一个QR Code (二维条形码)
  3. .ai和.jpg两种文件格式提交
  4. 正反两边的设计
  5. 用关键词(key words for design concept)说明设计思路
  6. 简单描述使用场景,如果IT业,餐饮业,设计行业,医学行业,或者给那一类人群,律师,工程师,等等都可以。
  7. Logo可以使用任何公司的,如IBM,HP,Apple,联想等,对了还有FOCUSOENE Inc。
  8. 具体内容不需要为真实,如人名,地址,电话等,都可以模拟。
  9. 具体内容可多可少,可详细可简洁(比如只有姓名?),但是需要给出关键词和用例
  10. 发挥想象,做创意有用的设计
  • Focusone Lab Logo设计, 其中需要有FOCUSONE的logo,且FOCUSONE本身的Logo不可以改变,大家需要设计出的是能说明Lab的部分。
  • FOCUSONE本身的Logo需要在上边,且原有设计不变。
For Engineers:
  1. 具体描述请看文档,这里做一点额外说明。
  2. 目标:为设计师的产品做出一个管理系统
  3. 是一个从需求分析到UI原型设计到原型实现的任务
  4. 需求分析以组为单位,原型实现Tomi做programming主手
  5. 要有需求分析的文档和UI原型设计的ppt或其他格式也可以。UI原型设计可以用手自己画,或者paper prototype
另外在技术和设计上的问题,大家可以随时联系韩国的设计师和工程师,通过email或者Google Talk。
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First of all, Sorry that we did not put the tech session of first two weeks here. During the first two sessions, we are trying to know the tech background of the members. So it is very experimental for the first two weeks. But now we want to take it seriously.

We want to dive into the basic building blocks of building software. We need to explore how to design a well-working class and also Design Pattern as well.


Tech session 3 

  • programming to an interface, not a implementation
  • more about interface, abstract class, concrete class
  • favor composition over inheritance

we are going to talk about why & how.

Words that might be useful :
  1. Infant
  2. Young
  3. MidAged
  4. Senior
  5. DeadMutePerson (optional)
  6. eat
  7. drink
  8. listen
  9. speak
  10. canUnderstand
  11. walk
  12. run
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